Fuel Science – From Production to Propulsion – 10th International Conference

From 10-12 of May, our project partner RWTH Aachen University is hosting the 10th edition of its international conference “Fuel Science – From Production to Propulsion” Aachen, Germany.

The conference is held by the Cluster of Excellence The Fuel Science Center – and it is open to participants from science and industry interested in deepening their knowledge on the challenges and solutions in the development of novel biofuels and synthetic fuels from regenerative energy and alternative carbon sources.

The conference will focus on the chemical transformation of regenerative electricity, bio-based carbon feedstocks and CO2 , molecular interactions and clean combustion systems.

Participants can contribute to this conference with either an oral presentation or a poster of their work in the below-mentioned fields by February 28:

– Synthetic, alternative fuels by utilization of regenerative electricity and carbon dioxide.

– System perspective & sustainable value chains.

– Impact of renewable fuels on the environment, economics, and society.

– Catalytic synthesis and conversion of biomass-based streams in combination with other renewable resources to platform molecules and fuels.

– Combustion process and exhaust gas after-treatment optimisation of renewable fuels.

– Mixture formation and ignition processes of renewable fuels.

More info and instructions on how to submit presentations here.


May 10 - 12, 2022


All Day


RWTH Aachen University
Aachen, Germany
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