Ishka ESG: Playing Your Part in Sustainable Aviation

Back for its second year, the ESG event hosted by Ishka is specifically tailored to cater to all members of the aviation value chain.

The event boasts a meticulously researched agenda, curated to cater to a diverse audience, as the aviation industry pushes towards decarbonisation and endeavours to achieve its emission reduction goals. As aviation continues to strive towards sustainability and connecting the world, it is imperative for all stakeholders including owners, operators, investors, customers, regulators or manufacturers, to play a pivotal role.

The event will delve into how various segments of the value chain are collaborating to achieve common goals, and provides a unique platform for open conversations about the impact of ESG. The event aims to develop sensible legislation and regulation, produce coherent reporting strategies and evaluate investor appetite for the asset class relative to other classes.

Details available here.



Mar 29, 2023


All Day
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