India’s Largest Airline Indigo Signs MoU as it Commits to Using 10% SAF by 2030

Last month, India’s largest airline Indigo released its ‘Flying Responsibly’ report, highlighting among the other initiatives its commitment towards a transition to sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

The airline has joined the Clean Skies for Tomorrow initiative of the World Economic Forum, committing to replacing 10% of its conventional jet fuel with blended SAF by 2030, and has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Indian Institute of Petroleum to support and jointly explore the development of the new fuels.

Indigo’s biggest commercial rival Air India, now part of the TATA Group, has also signed a MoU on SAF development with the Indian Institute of Petroleum.

The Clean Skies for Tomorrow Coalition provides a global mechanism for public leaders and top executives across the aviation value chain to align on a transition to sustainable aviation fuels as part of their commitment to achieving carbon-neutral aviation.

More on Indigo’s commitment to using 10% SAF by 2030 here.


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