New T&E’s Roadmap Includes SAF Among the Best Technologies to Reach Climate-neutral Aviation

Last week, Transport & Environment (T&E) published its “Roadmap to climate neutral aviation”, which analyses the most promising paths to reduce aviation emissions by the end of this decade and eliminate its climate impact by 2050.

The study highlights how demand reduction (e.g. reduction in corporate travel) remains the most effective means to reducing emissions shortly, and at the same time, it emphasises the pivotal role of new technology and binding measures to achieve climate neutrality.

In a nutshell, the Roadmap looks at:

  • The role of technological and operational efficiency improvements
  • Policy and pricing of aviation emissions
  • The role of aircraft fuelling technologies

Among the other technologies, the roadmap describes the power-to-X sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) produced from green hydrogen and captured CO2 as one of the most promising tools currently available. However, the publication states “production levels are still too low and costs are at present too high, something EU regulators can solve if they act now to introduce more ambitious mandates.”

Our TAKE-OFF technology aims to produce more energy-efficient, and high environmental performance SAF at a lower cost to decrease the carbon footprint and climate impact of flying. In that context, the project will develop and industrially validate innovative processes for the direct conversion of CO2 and renewable H2 to light olefins and subsequent conversion to SAF.


Find the Roadmap here



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