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Dear TAKE-OFF Partners and Friends,

We are in the middle of the project’s last year in which most of the partners’ collaborations are coming together. I am grateful for all the connections, discussions and research witnessed during the past 3 years and a half. Last month, the TAKE-OFF consortium partners met in Odense for the last General Assembly meeting which was followed by the Open Doors Day where the preliminary results of the economic and environmental assessment of TAKE-OFF technologies were shared with a wider audience.

The continuous progress of the consortium shows great commitment and dedication. For the direct CO₂ conversion, we are in the middle of an extensive experimental campaign, including tests with captured CO₂ from the RWE Site. Regarding the oligomerization process, the team in Lille is running the setup to obtain the jet fuel sample, which will be further analysed and tested by SkyNRG and RWTH team. Meanwhile, experimental campaigns are taking place to understand the NOx and Soot emissions from the TAKE-OFF fuel. Furthermore, the environmental and the techno-economic evaluations were developed, and the preliminary results were shared in Odense during the GA Meeting and the Open Doors Day.

We are very active in dissemination activities, with multiple articles published and many more planned, participation in conferences, webinars, and other events. For example, TAKE-OFF is currently represented at Sustainable Aviation Fuels EU Congress among others. All further events will be announced on the website and LinkedIn with 2024 projected to be a very active year in which we will share all our results with the world.

Have a nice read,
Georgiana Stan
TAKE-OFF Project Coordinator

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