Synkero Publishes Whitepaper on its Project to Develop SAF Facility in Amsterdam

Early this month, the Netherlands-based startup company Synkero has published its whitepaper titled ‘’ The Synkero: Futureproof Aviation.

Synkero is a startup company that is currently developing a synthetic kerosene facility in the Port of Amsterdam. The facility is expected to produce about 50.000 tons of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) per year from 2027 onwards. Synkero is closely cooperating with our project partner SkyNRG, as well as KLM, Royal Schiphol Group, Port of Amsterdam and the city of Amsterdam.

The report is aimed at giving stakeholders and partners a brief overview of Synkero, what is needed to create synthetic kerosene and the reasons behind the startup opting for building the facility in Amsterdam, NL. At the same time, the report describes Synkero’s strategies to scale up its project by developing a network of synthetic kerosene facilities around the world, and especially in countries with abundant solar and wind energy to produce SAF.



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