TAKE-OFF Hosts its 1st Open Door for Students and Young Professionals

Yesterday, TAKE-OFF hosted its first Open Doors Day at its project partner RWE’s power plant in Niederaußem, Germany.

The event saw the participation of thirteen PhD and MSc students and young professionals, who are currently focusing their research on Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU)- related technologies within and without our project.

Our first Open Doors Day started with a detailed introduction to the plant and the TAKE-OFF process chain by Peter Moser, RWE Head of Emission Reduction Technologies/POR-FE. The presentation was followed by an inspiring visit to the RWE power plant in Niederaußem, during which the participants had the chance to witness the development of the pilot of the TAKE-OFF project.

After lunch, the participants had the opportunity to attend two higher education lectures. The first one, focusing on CCU technologies and their role in mitigating climate change was given by Celia Sapart, Director Communication and Climate Science at CO2 Value Europe. The second one was given by Professor Ralf Peters, Acting Director at the Instituts für Energie-und Klimaforschung, and focused on the impact of sustainable aviation fuel on the Aviation Sector, the Environment and the Society.

Before the end of the meeting, a knowledge-sharing session took place in the form of an informal pitch meeting to encourage knowledge-sharing and collaboration among the participants.

The TAKE-OFF Open doors days are organised each year by different project partners and are seen as an efficient way to bring research and innovation closer to the general public and involve local communities in the different steps of the project development.


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