TAKE-OFF Presented at the “CCU and Storage & Alternative Fuels” workshop

Last week, our project coordinators Georgiana Stan and Jan-Willem Könemann participated in a panel discussion during the “Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage & Alternative Fuels” cluster workshop.

The event, organised by the European Commission in Brussels gave coordinators from different EU-funded projects the opportunity to present the main results of their projects, as well as the major challenges faced until now.

Georgiana and Jan-Willem shared with the participants the main achievements of the first year of the TAKE-OFF project, in which the consortium’s activities were focused on the design, construction, and commissioning of the experimental installations which are used for the TAKE-OFF technology chains. That includes the direct CO2 conversion to light olefins, the SIENNA in-situ water separation reactor concept and the pilot for DME/MeOH production from CO2 and H2 by MPW. These installations are currently used to achieve the project’s objectives.


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