TAKE-OFF presented at the13th Natural Gas Conversion Symposium in China

On the 24th of April, Massimo Corda from our project partner CNRS University of Lille presented his research on the conversion of CO2 to methanol developed within the framework of the TAKE-OFF project at the 13th Natural Gas Conversion Symposium (NGCS13) in Xiamen, China.

Massimo’s presentation focused on the promotion of the commercial CuO-ZnO-Al2O3 methanol synthesis catalyst with halogens, and in particular Br. In the CO2 hydrogenation to MeOH, the effect of this promotion is the improvement of the selectivity to methanol and the suppression of the RWGS reaction.

This year’s NGCS13 themed ‘’Towards Carbon Neutrality” the NGCS13 aimed to cover all aspects of science, materials, and technology associated with natural gas, CO2, and hydrogen, in line with advanced catalysts preparation, characterisation, modelling, data analysis approaches, and industrial applications.

Please find the abstract here.


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