TAKE-OFF To be presented at the upcoming Sustainable Aviation Futures congress

This year, Sustainable Aviation Futures will take place in Amsterdam from 7-9 June to showcase the latest strategies for decarbonisation, key industry challenges and opportunities for airlines, corporate organisations and fuel producers.

The event will bring together over 350 stakeholders to focus on a broad range of topics pertaining to Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), sustainability, and decarbonisation in the aviation sector.

The congress aims to provide a platform for the industry’s key players to share their expertise, insights, and experiences to chart a path towards net-zero aviation.

On Friday the 9th of June from 2.30-3.15 pm (CET), Benyamin Khoshnevisan, Assistant Professor at our project partner University of Sothern Denmark – Center for Life Cycle Engineering, will participate in the panel discussion “Future fuels and the next generation of feedstocks: Where are the next frontiers for SAF production?” to present our project.

Among the other topics, the panel will discuss

🔵 Where to next for SAF? Overcoming current challenges including feedstock bottlenecks and restrictive supply.

🔵 Assessing the use of carbon capture and direct air capture for SAF.

🔵 How will the industry move from 5% to 20% fuel blending?

🔵 Determining the most effective means of calculating Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) emissions for new feedstocks based on cultivation, harvesting, collection and recovery, processing and extraction, indirect land-use change, fuel conversion processes and transportation and logistics.

🔵 R&D perspective and research update: What are the latest technological or technical developments when it comes to SAF?

The panel discussion will also see the participation of Patrick Le Clercq, Head of Department Multiphase Flows and Alternative Fuels, DLR; Preben Birr-Pedersen, Project Manager, Energy Cluster Denmark; Agnes Thornton, Director, Sustainable Flight Solutions and Connor Kerr, Market Support and Hydrogen Development Analyst, I-REC Standard.

The TAKE-OFF project, funded by the Horizon 2020 EU program, will explore the development of a unique technology based on the conversion of CO₂ and renewable hydrogen to Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) via olefins as an intermediate.

More on the Sustainable Aviation Futures conference here.


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