The TAKE-OFF Consortium Gathered in Lille For its General Assembly

Over the last two days, representatives from the amazing TAKE-OFF consortium have gathered at University of Lille 1 Sciences and Technology in Northern France for the TAKE-OFF General Assembly, marking the halfway point of our project.

This General Assembly has been everything but formal and boring! Project partners have not only showcased the most recent developments of their work packages but they have also taken this opportunity to discuss the biggest challenges they are facing and exchange their know-how to overcome them.

The two-day meeting also included an interesting workshop led by our project partner Syddansk Universitet – University of Southern Denmark – Life Cycle Engineering aimed at evaluating the sustainability of synthetic sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production from TAKE-OFF pathways and its competitive technology (i.e. the Fischer-Tropsch pathway was described). During the workshop preliminary results achieved using the developed framework were also shown.

What made our General Assembly even better was the tour of the University of Lille 1 Sciences and Technology– CNRS’ labs, offering the participants a close look at the Advanced Characterisation Platform, with its XRD and XPS facilities (one of the seven 1.2GHz NMR spectrometers in the World -the first one in France). The participants had also the chance to visit the Realcat platform, with its High Throughput Experimentation setups, used by CNRS to test simultaneously 16 catalysts.

Merci beaucoup University of Lille- CNRS for hosting us at your premises and we look forward to continuing working with the entire consortium to contribute to achieving aviation neutrality and a circular economy.


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