The TAKE-OFF project and its advances presented during the #P2X Conference in Düsseldorf

Yesterday, Lawien Zubeir, Technical Lead of the Synthetic Fuel Group at our project partner TNO, showcased the TAKE-OFF project and its advances during the #P2X Conference in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Dr Zubeir’s introduction touched on different topics spanning from the pivotal role of e-fuels in defossilise the aviation sector to the TAKE-OFF technological route and its catalyst development for the synthesis of jet fuels from CO2 via a methanol-mediated route.

The first part of the presentation was an opportunity for Lawien to present the status of the demonstration in an industrial environment of the novel in-situ water separation reactor integrated into the existing installation of Mitsubishi Power Europe on-site at RWE.

The second part of the presentation focused on the continuous evaluation of the TAKE-OFF product to assess its compliance with the jet fuel requirements and the assessment of the short and long-term environmental and economic impacts of TAKE-OFF technologies based on a comparative study.


Find Lawien’s presentation here.

More on the #P2X Conference here.


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